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Louisville, Kentucky Halloween prop rentals

Welcome to our Louisville Halloween Prop Rental Page. We have assembled here some of the props we have for rent for Halloween and horror related events. The listings here are certainly not a complete inventory of everything we have, but, hey, it's at least a place to start...

We also offer setup of items as well, if you find yourself pressed for time for event preparation.

Feel free to use the contact button for more information.  This Page is always being updated with additional props.

Static Props/Decorations


A portable Cemetery fencing scene to enclose your victims.  Two arching main gates, PVC with real metal chains approximately 5.25 feet tall.  4 additional fence pieces approximately 4 feet tall.  Pieces come with metal stakes for mounting.  Please note: due to the size of the gates, we no longer deliver these with the hearse, but add-on discount still applies.

Female Exorcism Doll

Small female figure, Approx 4.5 feet tall wearing a red nightgown.   This girl is a real mess with jacked up hair, cuts and bruises on her face and she can be posed sitting or laying down.  On top of this, she also resembles a twisted doll.  Guests would not want to meet her in a dark room, or any room.

Michael Meyers Prop

It's Michael Meyers from Halloween II, complete with green suit and realistic mask by Trick R Treat studios.  Built on an articulated frame, figure can sit or stand.  A big front porch hit, is there someone really sitting there or not? 

Anatomical Skeleton

The real deal without digging someone up, anatomical medical school Bucky skeleton for graveyard or just sitting around with a drink in her hand.  Molded bones and heavy.

realistic bone color.  Plastic does not apply.

Swat Werewolf

Standing in at approximately 7 feet tall with bulk, this is one messed up werewolf you don't want to tangle with.   Wearing black with a swat type outfit with bloody face, this is one werewolf that towers over anything from the halloween store.  To boot, the figure can sit, lay, or stand.

Female Corpse in a real wooden casket

Life Size Female ready to be buried in Toe-Pincher coffin.  Dressed in her Sunday Best, this prop with light will complete your grave yard or funeral scene.  Coffin comes with it's own strobe light.  Can be used with our hearse or some clients have used it as it's own stand-alone prop.

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Electronic Animated Props
Click Image for a video view
We are always Adding MORE

Grave Digger Prop

Animated talking gravedigger prop. Complete with top hat, suit and straggly hair. While he will not be the life of the party, he is lifesize at 6 feet tall, lights up and brings his own shovel which is a plus.  A favorite with cemetary gates and fences. Push button or motion  activated.
Night of the Scare Crow Prop

Animated talking Scare Crow prop.  Ready to guard the exterior area of your gathering. Cornfield optional.  Battery powered.  
The Almighty Zultan Fortune Teller

Tabletop or sideboard machine

Your troubles are behind you when you have the Almighty Zultan to guide the way.   This fortune telling machine sits on any table or sideboard.  Zultan will answer all your guest's questions in an originally generic style with the help of the crystal ball skull. His job complete, Zultan closes the curtains and takes a nap.
Grim reaper.jpeg
Electrified Grim Reaper

As he states, when he goes to a party he really lights up the room from working with too much nuclear waste.  This five foot tall light show talking Grim reaper will definitely compete with any disco ball lighting in the room.  Also makes an excellent guest greeter at the front door for a "shocking" entrance. Sound and motion activated.
Headless Talking Bride

She was supposed to be getting married, now she's lost her groom and her head. Approximately 5 feet tall, talking bride with movement. Switch and motion activated. Pefect for that gothic couples related event.
Rocking Witch Prop

Definietly has attitude and definietly rocks.  motion activated.

Lights, Fog and Sound

Black Lights SuperTube, Pair

Blacklights, approximately 2 feet long each with reflector housings.  Perfect for adding lighting effect to special area or dance space.  A pair, which allows one to be placed on each side of the room.  Much brighter than LED version. 

Mini Strobe, Standard Tube, Pair

2 Mini Strobes with a standard tube emitters.  Changeable filters to produce colors such as blue, green, red.  Much stronger output than LED types. 

Rotating Color Party Light Beam

Party projection light, produces a spinning color light show when projected against any wall or ceiling.  Recommended projection distance at least 12 feet. 

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Louisville Halloween prop rental
Louisville Halloween prop rental
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