Night Mansion Louisville Hearse Rental images/Video

Night Mansion hearse at the Devil's Attic

Night Mansion Hearse and "friends" on display at the Devil's Attic Louisville haunted house.

Exterior Night Mansion Hearse

We have transported individuals to events and hotels before.  It turned plenty of heads and got tons of pictures taken, it is also an expensive stunt.  For an inexpensive ride, Uber might work.

Louisville hearse at Caufield's parade

Hearse at Caufield's Halloween Parade.   We very much enjoyed the experience, but we learned antique hearses do not enjoy parades.  Most antique hearses are modified to do them.

Interior Night Mansion Hearse

Loading up a casket....Please Note: A Hearse is not a limousine.  We get many inquires from people who think a hearse should be able to carry a wedding party.   Not true.   But, believe it or not, we have transported people In a Casket in back before, their friends in front.

Night Mansion Hearse